Partners with Sable

Sable is fortunate to have many community partnerships that help the school in a variety of ways.

When John Sieple, the Chief Operating Officer, for ProLogis would drive by the school he often wondered how he could help. He chose to stop by the school to find out and they have been an active partner for more than 20 years.

ProLogis supports Sable students and staff with the following:

    • Holiday food baskets are distributed to families

    • ProLogis staff provide instruction to students through the Junior Achievement Program

    • Donation of office supplies

    • Recycles cell phones and printer cartridges to provide additional school supplies through the Funding Factory

    • Volunteering in classrooms

    • Landscaping of the grounds

    • Sponsor of the Sweat Equity Fund where parents can seek financial assistance for emergencies while committing to volunteering at the school

ProLogis logo

The Medical Center has been a partner with Sable for many years. The partnership is unique as Sable students are able to contribute back to the hospital by writing holiday cards for patients and holiday caroling at the hospital.

The Medical Center does many annual events for Sable including:

    • A coat drive for students and families

    • A book fair is held at the hospital and funds are matched and given to Sable as a donation

    • 5th grade hygiene supply

    • Holiday baskets are created for families identified as having the need by the teachers or other staff members. Hand made quilts are made for each basket and departments sponsor a family buying food and gifts for the families

    • A book drive for students

    • Sponsoring of tour of the Medical Center for kindergarten students and students who have completed Sable's homework program

    • Medical Center staff volunteers and assists during field day providing their time and water for all of the students

Calvary Presbyterian Church

The Daughters of the American Revolution