Parent Involvement

Involvement with your child's school is vital and important for your child. Research shows that when parents, guardians, or primary caretakers are involved with school, three significant things happen:

    • Behavior improves!

    • Self-esteem increases significantly

    • Performance and student achievement increases

For more information or to volunteer contact: Liliana Saffron, Family Liaison

2601 Sable Blvd., Aurora, CO 80011.

Call (303) 340-3140 ext. 23823, or e-mail @

Click here to fill out and print a volunteer registration form.

Show your children how important they are by making an investment of your time and talent for their educational success.

We have 3 important venues for parents to communicate with Sable and Sable with you:

Parent Meetings are held once a month. For specific dates watch our monthly newsletters or look at our events calendar and upcoming events. Meetings are usually held on Thursday at 1:45PM. At these meetings you will hear topics of interest, receive training, give your input, ask questions and receive other pertinent information regarding your child's education.

Sable Parents and Teachers Meetings are also held once a month, usually on the first Wednesday of the month. The Sable Parent and Teacher Organization is our Booster Club. The Sable Parents and Teachers Organizaion primarily focuses on fund-raising projects and then uses the money raised to benefit students, school and community. Your attendance is vital as you have a voice in deciding what projects to focus on raising dollars and how those dollars are spent.

"Accountability" is a group of parents and staff leaders that help develop Sable's School Improvement Plan. They influence direction and decisions and invest their time, talents and treasures to help us reach Sable's objectives.

Family and community involvement is central to Sable's goals, objectives, and success. Your partnership with Sable is key and vital to your child's educational success. By staying involved with our elementary school, you will lay the foundation for your child's middle and high school years. You and your child can look forward to the same commitment to family and community involvement at those levels. We look forward to our journey together. Please partner with us.