Sable is a safe and caring community who never gives up!

Sable's Academic Vision

Every classroom is a rigorous learning environment where teachers engage every student at their current level and consistently move them forward to develop strong command of grade level skills and content.

Sable's Culture Vision

At Sable, we are a Community working together to know every student, honor their diversity, and support them in learning and reaching their full potential.

Sable's Mission

At Sable, we are safe and caring learners who NEVER give up!

Goals Aligned to Vision

    1. We will foster a safe, caring learning Community where ALL students succeed.

    2. Increase Student Achievement and Growth through building foundational Reading skills.

    3. Close the Achievement Gap in Math through increasing computational fluency.

Important Information & Links

Here and ON TIME

Upcoming Events

2022-2023 Sable School hours for students are 7:45 A.M.-2:15 P.M.

School hours K-5: 7:45-2:15

Office hours: 7:15-3:15

Enrollment hours: 7:45-2:45

Attendance line: 303.326.1638


Enjoy your three-day weekend Sable families!

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

ACCESS Testing Starts on Tuesday, January 10

Sable Parents and Guardians,

ACCESS testing begins this week. All students identified as English Language Learners will take this test totrack their progress in learning academic English and to identify language support services.

Please help your child by getting them to school on time everyday and encouraging them to do their best.

Thank you.

School Boundary Change Updates

The Aurora Public Schools Board of Education has approved new boundaries for current Sable Elementary School Students

Message for Students Who Will Attend Altura Elementary School

Sable Email - Board Decision New School Boundaries [Altura]_Multilingual

Message for Students Who Will Attend Park Lane Elementary School

Email - Sable Board Decision New School Boundaries [Park Lane]_Multilingual

Message for Open Enrolled Students Who Will Attend their Neighborhood School

Sable Board Decision New School Boundary Open Enrolled Students_Multilingual

Sable Elementary held Field Day on October 3!

Guess what Sable Stallions?

On Friday September 23, teachers and other staff members walked home with students after classes!



Sable Parents and Guardians,

Session 1 for COMPASS began September 6th. You will be able to register your students using this link: You have to complete one application per student. We want to remind you that this is a popular program and spots are normally taken fast. We will create a waiting list and hopefully we will have the opportunity to expand the program; however, that is not a decision that the program coordinators can make. The City of Aurora will decide that. At the end of next week, Ms. Verónica and Mr. Alex will contact ONLY the families of students that were accepted. If you have any questions about this, you can contact Ms. Verónica or Mr. Alex Monday through Thursday after school. We appreciate your support and trust.

Thank you.

Sable Student Emotional Support Request Form / Solicitud de Apoyo Emocional para Estudiante de Sable

Please fill out this form if you are interested in talking with Sable's Social Worker, Erin Waanders regarding any concern you have with your student.

Por favor llena esta forma si está interesado en hablar con la Trabajadora Social de Sable, Erin Waanders acerca de las preocupaciones que tiene acerca de su estudiante.

Parking Lot Directions

Parents, Guardians, of Sable Elementary School students,

With the purpose of ensuring student and adult safety, we ask that you obey the following driving rules when using the parking lot.

To enter please use the north driveway of the parking lot. To exit please use the south driveway of the parking lot.

There are two lanes in our oval-shaped parking lot. The outermost lane, closest to the curve, will only be used for dropping off and picking up. Please use the passenger car door closest to the curve when dropping off or picking up your child in order to avoid any potential accidents. The innermost lane will only be used to drive in or drive out slowly and cautiously. Please, do NOT drop off your child from the innermost lane as this would cause your child to walk between moving cars.

Parking space in the center of the lot or west of it, and E. 26th Ave, E 26th Way, and E. 25th Ave. may be used if you wish to personally walk your child safely to the playground or classroom door. Remember to use the provided crosswalks at all times.

Please feel free to ask any questions about our parking lot rules to our office staff or Safety Patrols. This parking lot was designed for optimal safety and driving convenience. Please practice courtesy, use caution, and follow Sable’s parking lot traffic rules to help avoid any injuries.

Please be respectful of staff and parent helpers as they are there to keep children safe!

Thank you,

Megan Ortiz, Principal

Padres o Tutores de estudiantes de la escuela Primaria Sable,

Con el propósito de garantizar la seguridad de los estudiantes y adultos, les pedimos que obedezcan las siguientes reglas de manejo cuando usen el estacionamiento.

Para entrar usen la entrada norte del estacionamiento. Para salir usen la salida sur del estacionamiento.

Hay dos líneas en nuestro estacionamiento de forma oval. La línea hacial el exterior, cerca de la curva, solo se usará para dejar y recoger. Por favor usen la puerta de pasajero más cerca a la curva cuando dejen o recojan a su estudiante para evitar cualquier accidente potencial. La línea central solo se podrá usar para entrar y salir despacio y cautelosamente. Por favor, NO dejen a su hijo(a) por la línea central esto puede causar que su hijo(a) camine entre los carros en movimiento.

Los espacios de estacionamiento en el centro del lote y la 26 Avenida, 26 Way y la 25 Avenida pueden ser usados si ustedes desean personalmente caminar a su hijo(a) al patio de recreo. Recuerden de usar la banqueta en todo momento.

Por favor, sí tienen alguna pregunta sobre nuestras reglas de estacionamiento pueden preguntar a nuestro personal de la oficina u a nuestras Patrullas de Seguridad. Éste estacionamiento fue diseñado para optima seguridad personal y conveniencia al manejo. Por favor practiquen la cortesía, usen precaución y sigan las reglas de tráfico del estacionamiento y ayuden a evitar lastimaduras.

¡Por favor sean respetosos del personal y los padres ayudantes, ellos están para proteger a los niños!


Megan Ortiz, Directora

No pets on school premises

Sable Families,

We have had several families bring their dog to drop off and pick up students. Per District Policy, animals are not permitted on school premises unless they are in connection with an approved school activity. Animals are unpredictable and even the most gentle animal can react in a stressful situation putting students and staff in danger.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Familias de sable,

Hemos tenido varias familias que han traído a sus perros para traer y recoger estudiantes. Por Política del Distrito, no se permiten animales en los alrededores de la escuela a menos que haya una conexión con alguna actividad en la escuela. Los animales son impredecibles y aun los mas gentiles pueden reaccionar en una situación estresante poniendo a los estudiantes y personal de la escuela en peligro.

Les agradecemos por su cooperación.

Free school clothing

Resources / Recursos

As we continue with in-person learning, we want to ensure that our students have the resources they need to be successful. This includes having access to an internet connection at home. I want to remind you about several low-cost internet services available for families.

Low-income families can sign up for 60 days of FREE Comcast Internet Essentials service. After the 60 days, qualified households will pay $9.95 per month. Even if you have an outstanding balance with Comcast, you may still be eligible, if you apply before December 31. Contact Comcast for more information.

You can also access the internet through Comcast public hotspots for free.

In addition, families on a limited income can save money with Lifeline services from CenturyLink. This government assistance program can help you save on your monthly local phone service or qualifying internet service. Lifeline provides a discount of $9.25 on monthly service for qualified subscribers.

To learn more about these services, please visit and click on the Internet Access tab or call the school office.

A medida que continuamos con el aprendizaje en , persona, queremos asegurar que nuestros estudiantes tengan los recursos que necesitan para lograr el éxito. Esto incluye tener acceso a una conexión a Internet en casa. Les queremos recordar sobre varios servicios de Internet de bajo costo que están disponibles para las familias.

Las familias de bajos recursos pueden inscribirse para recibir hasta 60 días de servicio de Comcast Internet Essentials GRATIS. Después de los 60 días, las familias que califiquen pagarán $9.95 por mes. Aún si tienen un saldo pendiente con Comcast, pueden ser elegibles si presentan la solicitud antes del 31 de diciembre. Comuníquense con Comcast para obtener más información.

Comcast también ofrece puntos de acceso “wifi” públicos para que usted pueda tener acceso gratuito al internet.

Además, las familias con recursos limitados pueden ahorrar dinero con el servicio Lifeline de CenturyLink. Este es un programa de asistencia del gobierno que le puede ayudar a obtener ahorros con servicios mensuales de telefonía o de banda ancha que califiquen. Lifeline ofrece un descuento de $9.25 con el servicio mensual para clientes que califican.

Para obtener más información sobre estos servicios, visiten el sitio web: y hagan clic en la pestaña que dice Accesso al Internet o llamen a la oficina de su escuela.